ultrafast research

We are interested in the non-equilibrium properties of condensed matter systems after excitation with femtosecond laser pulses. Such photoexcitation of the electronic system can launch a variety of different processes, as charge transfer, carrier localization and delocalization, exciton formation and annihilation, or changes to the electronic structure itself through photoinduced phase transitions.

The group uses different femtosecond time-resolved techniques (time- and angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (tr2PPE, trARPES), transient reflection/coherent phonon spectroscopy, time-resolved photoluminescence (TCSPC & upconversion), time-resolved electronic sum frequency generation (eSFG)) to follow the ultrafast dynamics of these elementary processes in solids and, particularly, at their interfaces in order to deepen our understanding of the mechanisms that determine the properties of matter.




Watch how to shoot real time movies on ultrafast timescales: