Julia Stähler – group leader

5551 (office phone HU)
5552 (secretary: Sabrina Drabowski)
0’309 (office HU)

5125 (office phone FHI)
G1.03 (office FHI)

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research interests

The leading theme of my research lies in the nonequilibrium dynamics launched by ultrafast optical excitation. Using a broad selection of femtosecond time-resolved (TR) spectroscopic techniques, I investigate how particles, quasiparticles, and the electronic structure of a solid react to photoexcitation on an ultrafast timescale. With this approach, I do not only characterize elementary relaxation mechanisms and determine how different subsystems interact; my research is conciously tailored to identify and understand the differences in bulk and interface properties of materials.

Currently, my group studies, for instance, the charge carrier and exciton dynamics at hybrid inorganic-organic interfaces. We are, furthermore, interested in photoinduced phase transitions in strongly correlated electron systems and cooperative phenomena like electron solvation in polar solvents.