Dr. Selene Mor – post doc







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research interests

For my bachelor thesis I performed femtosecond time-resolved reflectivity measurements on HOPG graphite with variable pump pulse wavelengths (by means of a TOPAS and non-linear optical techniques). [Photoinduced p-p* band gap renormalization in graphite, S. Pagliara, G. Galimberti, S. Mor et al., J Am Chem Soc (2011)]. For my master thesis I used ultrafast broadband optical spectroscopy to investigate high-temperature superconducting compounds, that represents one of the most challenging and widespread fields of research at present.

I am very interested in investigating the non-equilibrium properties of condensed matter by means of ultrafast spectroscopy, in order to study the electron dynamics involved in a perturbed system. The pump-probe approach is employed today in a wide range of time-resolved spectroscopies, such as optical measurements or two-photon photoemission (2PPE). The excitation of the system with an ultrashort laser pulse (pump) impulsively induces a non-equilibrium electron distribution that relaxes through different processes that are monitored by a second time-delayed probe pulse. My PhD project involved the time-resolved 2PPE experiment, focusing on the exploration of correlation effects in condensed matter, e.g. photoinduced changes in the electronic properties or phase transitions of matter.